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11 March 2015 – 31 May 2015

This exhibition combines the ability of media to share memories over time and space with 0914's time and space transcending brand values, and features media artist groups 'Mioon', 'it point lab' and installation artist 'Hyun-Suk Ok'.

The main motive of the show is 0914's symbol, a fish fossil, which represents beauty that transcends a long period of time. At 'Memories of a Bag展' it will be presented through shadows and optical fibers, an interactive participation theater and other various media to remind us one more time of the brand's serious character.

Mioon has diverse ways of expressing their timeless memories and experiences. Their contribution can be found inside, a reconstructed shadow theater in form of a fish that visualize multiple elements that complete the 0914 brand. The dissembled fish construct contains various 0914 bag parts and items which produce hundreds of shadows on a frosted board that evoke old memories in the spectator's minds. The piece expresses metaphorically how one's individual and timeless experiences cumulate and take on new forms. Another Mioon piece is placed in the courtyard. A number of pillars of diverse heights use shadows that symbolize how memories can stretch endlessly in a mesmerizing display.

it point lab came up with an interactive media piece that suggests the visitors' participation to express their individual tastes. uses visual and interactive elements to show the relativity of time in direct and indirect ways. The visitor must actively wind up a spring that is placed in front of a screen. This act causes a buffering delay in the video shown. And finally, as the spring unwinds, different colored light is applied to an all-white bag to indicate each participant's individual memory and taste.

The third participating artist, installation artist Hyun-suk Ok, uses her trademark optical fiber as medium in her piece to express memories of a careless childhood. A leather fish object in a space filled with optical fiber visualizes a free-spirited fish in the wide open sea. The expressed freedom and liveliness stand for the 0914 brand's vitality and brand identity.