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Bag is Psychology


From October 2013 to September 2015 Bagstage by 0914 will proceed the nine times of handbag exhibitions in Simone Handbag Museum, Seoul. Every exhibitions attempt to show creative approaches about the mundane object – handbag and transform into art.

The first exhibition is <Bag is Psychology: Women’s handbags>, starts 08 October 2013. It is by Hyung-chul Kim, a professor of psychiatry, and two photographers Yong-ho Kim and Jong-woo Hong – a mainly phography exhibition.

The title of exhibition <Bag is Psychology> is inspired by Jean-Claude Kaufman’s book
< Women's Bags>. Two local artists visualize women’s handbag in photography as well as socio-psychological insight is added by Hyung-chul Kim’s text. It views the conceptual story with various methods – photography and text – in one space.

Bagstage exhibition is focus on the psychological and cultural approach in a simple bag and to find artistic values and its philosophy. This is an unconventional opportunity to think the meanings and roles of handbag in women’s lives rather than the commercial and fashion material to own.