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07 January – 30 March 2014

‘Gallery 0914”, housed by Bagstage building on Garosu-gil in Shinsa-dong, holds a project exhibition “Bagstage exhibition by 0914” from October, 2013 to September, 2015.

In celebration of the launch of their latest brand named “0914”, Simone Limited, a Korean company which has designed and manufactured handbags for prestige brands worldwide, runs nine-segment exhibitions for 2 years to provide a chance to see bags in different themes and perspectives. The Bagstage exhibition by 0914 showcases visual arts like paintings, installations, pictures, and graphics, and also includes an even broader range of art forms like literature and music through the collaborative approaches by artists, actors, and psychologists, and journalists providing new perspective on bags.

The second part, <Bag is history_Bag is his story> is currently on display. In this exhibition, <Bag is history_Bag is his story> running from January 7 through March 30, 2014, Chung-keol Lee, editor in chief of GQ Korea tells interesting stories about men’s bags as a speaker, which has never been discussed before.

The first section of the exhibition features essays about the past and the present story behind the bags that have been given to him as gifts. And the second section illustrates the individual thoughts and stories of different people about bags, archived from twitter. Also, high-speed video shows so-called historical figures like Martin Luther King, Andy Warhol, Beetles, and Frank Sinatra offering a rare glimpse into the witty messages of good will, cult, self-absorption, and glory to shame carried by their bags.

In fact, men’s bags have been so personal, and yet not so personal, and at the same time, familiar but never examined. The exhibition, where they are illustrated through diverse kinds of methods such as SNS, images, and texts, will offer familiar but all-new cultural experience for the current generation who became so accustomed to sensational visual impacts