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08 July - 31 August 2014

“Bag is not merely a visual or tactile substance, but the creator of the rhythm and sound in our lives.” Setting off from this premise as a starting point, ‘Bag is Rhythm’ will present the audience with new experience regarding ‘the rhythm of bags to create.’ Art Director of National Orchestra of Korea, Won Il, installation artist Michael Klega and O Sein gathered to unravel the story of bags that produce sound and rhythm. The three artists will combine three art languages of video, sound and installation art.

Director Won Il works under the premise that “to own the bag is to own the rhythm.” He filmed the process in which the artisan breathes life into 0914 bag. Then he collects the sounds created in the process and revivifies them as media art. Director Won Il plans to present work in which the audience can use the tools utilized in making bags that are set on the table. The work will allow the audience to try making sounds on their own.

With reel-to-reel tapes, Michael Klega presents his works “Bagstabber,” in the form of a knife stabbing a bag, the dog-shaped “Doggy bag,” and “Bagfire,” which embodies a bag on fire. He plays the sounds recorded inside the bag to narrate the desire and energy within the life of bags. His animation “Talk-bag” anthropomorphizes bags into an artist, craftsman and middle-aged woman. Their serious conversation implies that bags can overcome their practical and mundane characteristics and escalate to a medium of in-depth thinking regarding life. Last but not least, O Sein’s ‘Holding Resemblance’ draws attention to the story each bag holds. She places a voice recorder inside bags to record the small sounds individuals create, as the bags accompany someone with them. O Sein embodies the collected sounds in earphones that resemble vines on the wall. Sometimes ordinary and other times secretive, the distinct stories of numerous individuals spread out through the earphones.