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12 December 2014 – 01 March 2015

The 6th exhibition Bag is Performance goes beyond the bag's image as a silently existing object. It tries to express the bag's dynamic aspects (dynamic – still – dynamic) through various performances depicting the birth of a 0914 bag and its value. Installation artists Vakki and June Lee as well as dance group LDP(Laboratory Dance Project) are expressing the show's topic “performance” with unique pieces entitled Bag Stage, On Stage and Persona.

Vakki, who is in charge of the first stage of the exhibition, presents her trademark psychedelic patterns and movements in her kinetic art piece. It represents the production of the bag until right before it is released.

The second stage is called On Stage. Artist June Lee expresses in his pieces the diversity of each individual as bag owners. His pieces represent each bags persona, which changes a little with each person who holds it. To portrait the modern-day bag owner the artist finished four different 0914 bags with a labor-intensive reeling process.

The last stage of the show, Persona, is executed by the dance group LDP. It is the grand finale of the Bag is Performance exhibition and expresses people's burden of carrying heavy weights (bags) on their shoulders throughout their lives. The bags symbolize containers in which people are putting things and out of which they are taking things on repeat, these things being parts of their lives.