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Garosugil runs perpendicular to two major streets. It can be accessed from either end. 800m from exit #8, Sinsa Station, subway line 3 (15-minute walk) : walk about three blocks until you reach a corner with the area’s tallest building – J Tower. Turn left onto garosugil. or, take subway line 3 to apgujeong station (exit #5) and walk about 15 minutes. Turn left at the MANGO.


Take the Blue #148, 145, 441 or the Green #4212, 4431.

Airport Limousine Bus

The stop for Limousine Bus no. 6009 (bound for the Incheon International Airport) is located near exit #6 of Sinsa Station (Subway Line 3) across from the Riverside Hotel.


Ther is no car park available, we recommended taking public transportation.