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19 June 2015 – 30 September 2015

0914's identity lies in the sincerity of masterful craftsmanship and creativity expressed through pure materials, i.e. natural, atypical style and natural colored leather. The four elements that define 0914 become, together with the artistic value of the bag, the motive that artists Kyoungtack Hong, Soongu Jung, MiRai Jeon, Jin-Yong Lee and Mari Kim used to visually express the beauty of 0914 with.

Kyoungtack Hong who is well-known in the contemporary art world created a different meaning for the bag and shows new dimensions of its original intent and function. He redefined the meaning of bags with hands reaching out and dogs combined with bags. The artist's worldly interpretation shows that everything existing can be redefined and seen with new functions and meanings.

Soongu Jung focused on the round shape of the bag and used left-over materials to fashion a large-sized installation in the form of an eco bag. The artist is usually attentive to ecological problems and uses his works to express his concerns. He regards the bag from an evolution theory point of view and presents the true function and meaning of the bag, stripped of its outer skin, in an impressive object.

Jin-Yong Lee is connected to the discovery of the 0914 brand. Inspired by the masterly crafted 16th to 20th century bags that are stored in the Simone Handbag Museum he created an object that shows the process of a 0914 bag's birth including time, skill and effort as well as the stoic procedure that built the brand. It focuses on the development of the 0914 brand and its noble values

MiRai Jeon used her artistic imagination for her extraordinary creative myth. Her contribution takes the beautiful value of a woman's lifestyle symbol, the bag, and combines it with the tale of Fu Xi and Nuwa. The image of craftsmen overlaps with the gods of creation who connected the heavens and the earth and opened the world towards creation and the dawn of civilization.

Mari Kim crosses the boundary of a bag's function and focuses on the duality of the item. The artist discovered the value that a bag can contain people's thoughts and feelings and expresses her discovery with a text and images. More than a visual bag experience, her work aims at speaking to the soul and focuses on the duality of the bag.

Before 0914 shows its complete form, ‘0914 BAG BEGINS’ shows various perspectives on the brand and its bags.