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Bag Equation

Bag Equation
08 April – 29 June 2014

A new type of exhibition, with its themes on bag and science, grabs our attention. ‘Bagstage 展 by 0914’, the third exhibition led by Gallery 0914 is the one.

An atypical encounter between bag and science allows viewers to experience bags that are extended to a completely new realm. Bag Equation attempts to find a new meaning of bag from the aesthetic perspective of its figurational identity and scientific analysis. Installation artist Jungki Beak and painting artist Min Jeong An participated in the exhibition.

Jungki Beak is an installation artist known for connecting science and nature to create various art languages. In this exhibition, his work, Flower of Human will be displayed. Using a specially made extractor, he extracts preservatives and pigments from leather bag and instills them in Lisianthus, a white flower. Henceforth he creates an artificial flower that does not wither. By extracting preservatives and pigments from bag, which represents possessive and aesthetic desires, the artist hopes to demonstrate human desires for nature.

Meanwhile, Min Jeong An will narrate her own story of bags through formulated drawings. She has built upon a distinct image as an artist, by mingling mathematical formulas with atypical paintings. Her work, Holding Each Other In, represents bag as an object where the memories of lovers are permeated. The artist formulated the weight of bags before and after the date in an enormous drawing. Anatomical Chart on Bag dissects the bag to illustrate the memories hidden inside. Other works such as How to Use a Bag personifies hipsack as if it were hugging behind the back and portrays tote bag as hanging around the arm, thereby wittily presenting the humanization of bags.